Posted by: pippinswaggytales | November 3, 2015

November Madness

My days lately have been a haze of grooming dogs, and walking dogs. My sister is currently pregnant, and so I have taken on the task of walking Mercedes for at least forty minutes every morning. This usually entails taking her to the park, and giving her a good run. She’s such fun. She absolutely loves splashing into puddles and having a mud bath, or wading through streams and giving me a shower when she shakes all the water from her coat!!

It’s been interesting to see how different the Giants are to the Minis. Pippin absolutely despises water; if he realises it’s bath time, he will run a mile! Mercedes (or ‘Sadie’ as we call her) jumps into the bath to await her pampering!

I usually take Pippin for a walk before I take Sadie out, as he is far more impatient in the mornings, whilst Mercedes is not an early bird. He’s still a noisy little chap: he insists on talking to every dog we meet, and even some of the people who are just enjoying a peaceful stroll – well until Pippin comes along to greet them!

I’ve attached a few photos of them both, posing for pictures. Enjoy!


Wading in Water

Wading in Water

Posing for a Pic


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