Posted by: pippinswaggytales | August 30, 2012

New Additions to the Family!


New Additions!


Well, a couple of days ago my little sister decided to buy two new guinea-pigs. We have owned eight guinea-pigs over the years, but have had none since Pippin. He has seen rabbits, infact he got on very well with Clover, my Silver Fox. However, Pippin just does not know what to make of these two new additions to our family. They’re small. They move fast, and according to him they shouldn’t move. They should remain still. He’s fine if they’re not moving, but the moment they decide to budge an inch, he begins to growl – indeed growl is not the word for the noise that he makes. It’s like a high pitched -what on earth is that!- noise, that comes close to sounding like a wail. He backs very quickly away from their box, and woe betide you if you’re in his way! He’ll scramble past your legs in a mild panic, and hide behind the kitchen door.

Now that he’s decided that they are something to be greatly feared, I have a job coaxing him past their box in the hall way. He walks by it, hugging the wall on the other side, as if he thinks the box might come to life and attack him! We have named the guinea-pigs Mars and Popcorn, they are only 5 and 7 weeks old at the moment bless them; but when they are older, and have settled in well, I will have to carefully introduce them to Pippin, and explain to him that they are not attacking guinea-pigs come to wage a war on him. They are a lot smaller than he is, and should be far more scared of him than he is of them. Will it work? Somehow I don’t think so! But I can dream!



  1. Aww! I love guinea pigs! We used to have one when I was younger. 🙂 That’s so funny that Pippin is afraid of them! :rofl:

    • Yes, I think they’re so sweet! I know, it’s quite funny watching him; he really wouldn’t harm them at all!

  2. Poor Pippin! Afraid of tiny piggies?! Bless him.

    Well welcome to your new additions, whee hope to see more of them soon.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Thank you! They are growing fast and have settled in well. I shall post more of them soon!

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