Posted by: pippinswaggytales | August 30, 2012

Growing Up


Growing up. Pippin

Young and fluffy!


I was looking at all my  ‘old’ photos of Pippin yesterday, when he was a tiny fluffy puppy. He was so cute, with his blue eyes and those large ears.

He is bigger than both our other Schnauzers now, and yet he still looks smaller! I think it’s his face, it seems quite petite; however I always laugh because he still has large ears. They make him look so cute though.

Pippin is really growing up! I mean, when we walk all three dogs you can still tell he is the youngest! He gets so excited, and wants to run, bark and play.

There is one thing that he has never grown out of…..Chasing the hoover. He scurries and barks after the hoover pipe, like he things there is something living in it that he has to kill! He is crazy about it, we have to lock him away now whenever we hoover.  I managed to film him once when he was doing it, so I will have to download it onto You Tube and post it here!

I know it’s been a while guys! I am sorry, I’ll try and update more often.



  1. i had a pippin too, people that do are truly blessed

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