Posted by: pippinswaggytales | November 21, 2011

On the Grooming Front

Well, we had Freddie in on Saturday morning, she is the image of Pippin they are like twins. She is a Schnoodle, and is completely adorable. Pippin went on a mad running spree around the house, slamming into walls, jumping on chairs and really showing off! He likes her I think. 😉 They had a lovely time together, and she left all nice, clean and groomed.


Mitzie came on Friday afternoon, another Schnauzer; she comes often and is very gentle. She doesn’t like her ears to be cleaned and isn’t very keen on having knots brushed out, but we manage as long as I’m very gentle.


Hydra came for her first ever groom on Friday morning, and she managed extremely well. She loved having a bath and didn’t mind the clippers at all. She goes to Pippin’s puppy class so Pippin and her get on well together. She stayed with me all day which was fun! She was followed by Alfie, another Schnauzer; he is a real gentleman and everyone loves him. He always comes into the house when he is finished and is made a fuss of!


I have a Spaniel in this afternoon, I have never done him before so new customer; I’m having a busy week! What fun!



  1. This was really fun to read!

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