Posted by: pippinswaggytales | September 19, 2011

Today is a Furry Tail.


Well, today Pippin decided that there might just be a snippet of food under the cupboard. He scrambled and scratched and delved, until in the end all I could see was his tail waving around madly. Then he went increasingly quiet, and stayed under there; maybe he was hoping that that tiny piece of food would appear before him suddenly! Here, we took some pictures for you.





  1. My Mom used to ask, about our Min Min, “What do you think the does is thinking?”

    • Hah! Sometimes the way Pippin looks at me, I almost feel like I can read his expression; he can be so cheeky sometimes! Pinschers are very cute!

  2. Sorry, this should have read ‘Min Pin’–Miniature Pinscher, Stormy. We also have a Chihuhua, Blanca.

    • Both those breeds are cute! 🙂 I like the names.

      • The Chihuahua looks like a doll, white of course, with dark huge eyes and black nose. Like a picture of those clowns you sometimes see. She belongs to my husband (and me).

        Stormy is only stormy sometimes. A lot of times he’s mild-mannered. Cute, stubborn. He belongs to me (and my husband). Fourteen years ago, my husband gave him to me for my birthday.

  3. Wow, they sound cute! That was a nice gift! How old it the Chihuahua?

  4. Hi! The Chihuhua wil be 13 in May. Have the puppies arrived?

    • Aah they are getting older now. Yes, I posted some pictures and will post more as well. They are very sweet!

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