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November Madness

My days lately have been a haze of grooming dogs, and walking dogs. My sister is currently pregnant, and so I have taken on the task of walking Mercedes for at least forty minutes every morning. This usually entails taking her to the park, and giving her a good run. She’s such fun. She absolutely loves splashing into puddles and having a mud bath, or wading through streams and giving me a shower when she shakes all the water from her coat!!

It’s been interesting to see how different the Giants are to the Minis. Pippin absolutely despises water; if he realises it’s bath time, he will run a mile! Mercedes (or ‘Sadie’ as we call her) jumps into the bath to await her pampering!

I usually take Pippin for a walk before I take Sadie out, as he is far more impatient in the mornings, whilst Mercedes is not an early bird. He’s still a noisy little chap: he insists on talking to every dog we meet, and even some of the people who are just enjoying a peaceful stroll – well until Pippin comes along to greet them!

I’ve attached a few photos of them both, posing for pictures. Enjoy!


Wading in Water

Wading in Water

Posing for a Pic

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Video of Pippin playing with Jessie.

Here is the video of Pippin and Jessie playing, I uploaded it to You Tube. Enjoy!

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Pippin and Jessie

Pippin has a friend staying for two weeks, Jessie. Jessie is related to Pippin (half-sister), and they get on so well together! They are inseparable. They love playing together, and even try to play when I’m walking them on leads outside, which can be hard work! If Pippin is not paying attention to Jessie, she paws the ground looking at him with this playful look on her face, until he takes a flying jump towards her and off they go again.


Pippin and Jessie



Pippin and Jessie

Jessie is staying until the 16th of August, so I will try to video her playing with Pippin for you to watch!


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Pippin’s New Pal




Pippin has a new playmate, named Mercedes! Mercedes is a black Giant Schnauzer, and we traveled over to Ireland to pick her up. What a long journey that was for my Dad and sister, but she was well worth it! She is nineteen weeks now, and is already a lot bigger than Pippin. The photo below is of Mercedes when she was just eight weeks old.


At first Pippin wasn’t too sure what to make of her, and he kept disappearing to my room hiding; it has taken a while for them to get used to each other, but now that they have, they play all the time; it’s funny watching them because Pippin clearly has no idea that Mercedes is much bigger than him, stronger than him even – he just thinks he is the boss. She’s not allowed in his room, and yes that should be my room but Pippin is quite sure that it belongs to him, so he stands guard at his door when she goes too near.

You see, Pippin loves his rawhide chews. He enjoys collecting them, that is to say. He carries them around for a while, then he hides all his bones around the bedroom: under the cupboard, under any bags – I even found him in the washing basket one, burying one in there. So he has to, above all costs, guard his bones from other dogs who may want to steal them – which is why he has decided that Mercedes is not allowed in the bedroom, she might find his prize possessions and carry them away!

Mercedes is the sweetest tempered dog, she’s happy, laid back, and very playful. She loves to tear around the garden with Pippin, chasing him around in circles until they both flop to the ground panting, tired out for the next five minutes until they’re off again.

Here is a photo of Mercedes at nineteen weeks.



Finally, here is a photo of Mercedes with Rachel, my sister. She spent the day at a friendly show nearby. It was her first time at a show, and she absolutely loved it. I’ll try to get some videos of Pippin and Mercedes playing together in the garden soon!



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The Puppies – New Video!

So, Bonnie had a litter of puppies recently. They all left for their new homes at the end of November; they were very sweet and we captured some of the fun times we had together on camera. Pippin loved playing with them all! There were two boys, and four girls, so six puppies altogether. It was lovely watching them play with Bonnie; she had such a wonderful time with them, even if they did keep her busy! Here is the video that my sister uploaded to You Tube. Enjoy!


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Pippin Chasing the Hoover.



I was hoovering my bedroom this morning, and Pippin came in and started chasing the hoover. It reminded me that I still hadn’t shared this video of Pippin, when he was younger. He has never changed on this point – He loves chasing the hoover pipe. He is crazy about it! He stares at it with great intent, his ears alert as if he thinks there is someone – or something – stuck in the pipe. Then he goes crazy, chasing it around, barking, and generally working himself into a state. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. It’s quite funny to watch!

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New Additions to the Family!


New Additions!


Well, a couple of days ago my little sister decided to buy two new guinea-pigs. We have owned eight guinea-pigs over the years, but have had none since Pippin. He has seen rabbits, infact he got on very well with Clover, my Silver Fox. However, Pippin just does not know what to make of these two new additions to our family. They’re small. They move fast, and according to him they shouldn’t move. They should remain still. He’s fine if they’re not moving, but the moment they decide to budge an inch, he begins to growl – indeed growl is not the word for the noise that he makes. It’s like a high pitched -what on earth is that!- noise, that comes close to sounding like a wail. He backs very quickly away from their box, and woe betide you if you’re in his way! He’ll scramble past your legs in a mild panic, and hide behind the kitchen door.

Now that he’s decided that they are something to be greatly feared, I have a job coaxing him past their box in the hall way. He walks by it, hugging the wall on the other side, as if he thinks the box might come to life and attack him! We have named the guinea-pigs Mars and Popcorn, they are only 5 and 7 weeks old at the moment bless them; but when they are older, and have settled in well, I will have to carefully introduce them to Pippin, and explain to him that they are not attacking guinea-pigs come to wage a war on him. They are a lot smaller than he is, and should be far more scared of him than he is of them. Will it work? Somehow I don’t think so! But I can dream!

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Litter of Puppies

Puppies from a litter a couple of years ago.

Bonnie has her puppies due very soon. I shall post pictures of them as they grow up from the day they are born. Above is a picture of a litter from a couple of years ago. They are so cute, although quite a lot of hard work! Especially within the first two weeks, as we sit up with them whilst they are so small. I’m sure we shall have a lot of fun!

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Growing Up


Growing up. Pippin

Young and fluffy!


I was looking at all my  ‘old’ photos of Pippin yesterday, when he was a tiny fluffy puppy. He was so cute, with his blue eyes and those large ears.

He is bigger than both our other Schnauzers now, and yet he still looks smaller! I think it’s his face, it seems quite petite; however I always laugh because he still has large ears. They make him look so cute though.

Pippin is really growing up! I mean, when we walk all three dogs you can still tell he is the youngest! He gets so excited, and wants to run, bark and play.

There is one thing that he has never grown out of…..Chasing the hoover. He scurries and barks after the hoover pipe, like he things there is something living in it that he has to kill! He is crazy about it, we have to lock him away now whenever we hoover.  I managed to film him once when he was doing it, so I will have to download it onto You Tube and post it here!

I know it’s been a while guys! I am sorry, I’ll try and update more often.

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Prince Charming

Well, I said I had a Spaniel coming! His name was Prince, and he was quite charming! He had a beautiful coat; brown, black, white and tan. He had a long curly tuft of fur growing on his head, which looked like a wig.


You wouldn’t have known him when he left! He loved his time in the grooming parlour; he was most upset when his owner left him and he pined a little, but I think he thought it was well worth it seeing the fuss he was given when he was all clean and clipped.


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